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Abdul-Malik Saiid and Nana Kwame Poku Karikari win MaTH-Challenge Inaugural Prizes in Pure Mathematics

Thu 18 Apr 2019
Abdul and Karikari During Their Oral Presentation i

Abdul Malik Saiid (BSc. Mathematics, Year 4) and Nana Kwame Poku Karikari (BSc. Mathematics, Year 3) have been awarded part of the MaTH-Challenge Prize in Pure Mathematics for their separate noteworthy attempts at solving the problems posed last week. They were the only students to turn in proposed solutions to the problem.

Abdul-Malik attempted both problems, and endeavoured to use ideas that he had learnt in Algebra to solve the problem. While, ultimately, he was unable to give a rigorous proof of either result, he was confident in his approach and demonstrated an ability to use the knowledge he has acquired throughout the past four years to bring to bear on the problems. He has been awarded a total of GHC 200 for his impressive attempt at both problems.

Nana Kwame attempted the first problem in Number Theory, and used elementary ideas to conclude on a proposed proof. However, he failed to justify an assertion by making a big assumption in the process. Nonetheless, the approach he took is the right one, and with enough reading and background, he could later fill in the gaps in the proof. He has been awarded GHC 100  for his good attempt.