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About the Department

The Department of Mathematics is one of the departments that was set up during the establishment of the then Faculty of Science in 1961 and has since been an integral part of the now known Faculty of Physical Sciences. The Department has had a long tradition of providing high quality training for students who eventually turn out to become highly skilled mathematically oriented graduates and function effectively not only in the teaching field but more and more in several private and public sector management fields in the Ghanaian Economy, including industrial, scientific, financial, military, educational and agricultural.

Over the years, the Department has made great strides in terms of the quality of its graduates as well as the scope of its programmes and courses which have been expanded to include that of Economics, Management, Finance and Actuarial Mathematics. Graduates of the Mathematics programmes, these days, are mostly employed as Civil Servants, particularly in the Banks, Insurance Companies, Ghana Statistical Service, Internal Revenue service, Ministries, SSNIT, Security Agencies, Breweries, Mining Companies, Environmental Protection Agency, BRRI, CSIR, Polytechnics, etc. and also as teachers in the second cycle institutions. Other graduates are engaged in staff training programmes for research or teaching positions in the tertiary and research institutions while some are also equipped with skills to help improve the performance of small business through appropriate mathematical modeling of their operations.