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Our Aims & Objectives

The B.Sc. degree programme in Actuarial Science seeks to develop individuals with a balance between mathematical, statistical, financial and economic theories, and their applications to practical problems. The programme is designed to provide theoretical as well as applicable education in quantitative aspects of Risk Modelling and Management, Finance and Statistics. Graduates will be capable of abstracting mathematical models for real-world problems and applying appropriate computer-based solutions to them. The graduates will also have the mathematical, statistical and business skills needed to determine the expected costs and risks in any situation where there is financial uncertainty and data for creating a model of those risks.

The programme is designed to provide a strong educational foundation in Mathematics for students, who upon graduation can readily provide specialized skills at the middle-management level of business as well as non-profit making organisations, may set-up and run their own small businesses, or may pursue graduate degrees in Mathematics, Statistics and allied Science programmes.