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2nd MaTH-Challenge Prize Problems

Fri 25 Oct 2019


In order to stimulate mathematical research among students, the 2nd MaTH-Challenge Prize Problems (under the auspices of Dr. Jeffery Ezearn, with the cooperation of Dr. Bernard Bainson and several academics in the department) is being organised. These mathematical problems and the prizes have been designed to encourage mathematical activity and introduce students to some of the most worthwhile ideas in mathematics, with particular emphasis on logical deduction and rigorous demonstration of mathematical results. The problems are intended to tease out intellectual activity, motivate students, emphasise the primacy of discovering or constructing solutions to problems, and to recognise achievement in mathematics in the department.

The first set of problems will be in Pure Mathematics, and the timeline is as follows:


Fri. 25th October - Thurs. 31st October: Pure Mathematics (Intermediate Level Problems)

Fri. 25th October - Thurs. 14th November: Pure Mathematics (Advanced Level Problems)


The Prize Problems (in Pure Mathematics) and the Rules governing the prizes can be found in the links below.

In the weeks following 14th November, 2019, other set of problems, more applied-inclined, will be posted. The prize per problem at the intermediate level is GHC 300.00 and the prize per problem at the advanced level is GHC 700.00. In the event of available funding, the prize monies will be increased to GHC 500.00 and GHC 1,000.00 respectively.